6th Jan, 2018. The Overnight Stay !!!
6th Jan, 2018. The Overnight Stay !!!

For the first in many many years, the old boys were given an opportunity to actually live in the same dorms and rooms where they once spent their 5 years.
Abdalians started pouring in around 3 pm and the excitement was clearly visible on their faces. They were received by the VP and DVPs around Liaqat and Iqbal wings.
Ranging from 16th entry to 59th entry it was a perfect mix of senior and junior generations. They got on really well with each other.
Hi-tea was served in the mess, before everyone went off for sports activities. They enjoyed archery, basketball and football till maghrib prayers. The elders just sat in the dorms talking about the good old days.
The dinner was served at 7:30 pm in the Khatlani Hall.
It was noticed during the dinner that the group(16) of 27th Entry was missing. They were found in the swimming pool enjoying in freezing cold water. That was the real fun, no? Bravo.
They were applauded by the guests when they entered the mess hall for dinner.
The Khamaaj, a sufi musical band, was arranged to provide some entertainment to the guests which they enjoyed to the maximum.
Then, the college bus took the guests to the lorry adda where they had a cup of tea, recalling the bunking nights. Some opted to walk back to the college.

We hope that the night staying abdalians had the best time of their lives.