Dinner in the honor of Sir David Green KCMG
Dinner in the honor of Sir David Green KCMG

Yesterday night (6th April, 2017) at CCH was memorable because we hosted a Dinner for an Old Teacher from 1967-68 from United Kingdom.
Sir David Green KCMG who came to CCH in 1967 as a VSO when Mr. Mahfooz ur Rahman and Mr. Muhammad Asif Malik were here. He stayed at CCH for about 9 to 10 months and developed a deep and long lasting relationship with the colleagues, students and the place itself.
He used to teach english, work with music band and other hobbies clubs. He was the one who taught the music club cadets the tune of Pakistan National Anthem. He used to teach his students how to drive in a car which was assembled by the students under the instructions of Sir David Green. According to one of his students, his famous instruction was; “when you put your hands on steering wheel they should be in the position of 10 past 10 on clock”.
Many former teachers and students graced the occasion last night, Mr. Asif Malik, Mr. Mahfooz ur Rahman, Mr. Misbah ul Hasnain, Mr. Abdul Qayyum, Mr. Muhammad Sarwar Shafqat, Mr. Khizer Hayat, Mr Muhammad Arshad, Mr. Nasim Aadil to name a few.
Old boys included Mr. Shahid Hameed, Mr. Pervaiz Saleem, Mr. S M Javed (all from 10th entry), Mr. Babur Zaheer ud Din, Mr. Chaudhry Basharat (from 11th Entry), Mr Majid Maqbool, Mr Azam Sufi, Mr Tanveer Rafi (13th Entry), Mr Sajjad ur Rahman, Mr. Aamir Ali Shah, Mr Athar Bukhari (14th entry).
Mr. Asif Malik and Mr. Babur Zahir ud din spoke on behalf of faculty and alumni respectively. Mr. Asif malik presented Sir David Green a handmade Rug and a wooden shield to Sir David on behalf of College Faculty and Cadets.
Sir David Green spoke fondly of his time here at CCH when came on stage. He shared numerous stories about Mr. Asif Malk, Mr. Mahfooz and his students.
After a lavish dinner, the event came to the end. We are thankful to everybody who came and especially Sir David Green who visited us after a long time.