Trip to Supreme Court and Parliament House
Trip to Supreme Court and Parliament House

Educational Trips are an essential part of the learning experiences for the Cadets of CCH. On 22nd of February 2017 a group of 106 cadets of senior class (XII) along with two faculty members and some other staff made a memorable visit to the highest pillars of the state.
Visit started with the Supreme Court of Pakistan at 10 AM where they were received warmly. The cadets were first divided into groups to attend the ongoing hearings in different rooms of the Court. They were also given a chance to attend the hearing of some important cases by the honorable Chief Justice himself. The glory, personal interest and sincere involvement of the Chief Justice in the hearing were highly appreciated by each cadet and the staff.
The cadets also got the opportunities to meet some high profile public figures and observe the proceedings of national level issues. After attending the sessions of the Court rooms, they were taken to the Museum of the Supreme Court where they were briefed about the history of Law in the country. After having a group photograph at the Supreme Court the group moved towards the next destination.
The next destination was the houses of legislation i.e. the National Assembly and the Senate. On reaching the Parliament, the cadets offered Asar prayer in the Jamia Mosque in the Parliament house and then they were taken to ‘Gali-e-Dastoor’ which is a street displaying timeline demonstration of democracy and the Constitution in the country using pictures, models and documents. The visitors were also given some souvenirs including the copies the Constitution.
After visiting Gali-e-Dastoor, the Director Protocol Mr. Tariq briefed the participants about the system and working of the Parliament through a multimedia presentation and question/answer session. The interest of the cadets was evident from their very relevant questions and comments. This presentation ended up with refreshments. After this formal session the halls of National Assembly and the Senate were opened for the cadets where they visited and had photographs.
After visiting both the houses of the Parliament the cadets visited the souvenir and gift shop of the Parliament house. Cadets departed with a significant improvement in their learning, joy, and pride.