XII Trip to North 2017
XII Trip to North 2017

The first thing that comes to mind when Northern Pakistan is mentioned is adventure.
XII students headed towards North on a 8 Day adventure under CCH management.
They made their first stop at bank of river Kunhar and then at Naran where they had lunch. They reached Babusar Top and enjoyed the cold weather. At the end of the day they reached Aliabad Hunza after a tiresome journey of 20 hours on the road.
Next day, they were planned to hike towards Hapakun Camp which took 5 hours covering 11 km climbing mountains. Set up camps and had a bonfire. The amazing part was the dance with locals around the area. It was fun.
Next day was a trekking towards The Rakaposhi base camp and then towards the glacier. It was for the first for many to actually step on a giant piece of ice. It was majestic and a snowball fight broke out soon.
Next in the line was a guided tour to the historical Altit and Baltit Forts. It was amazing to see the maintenance of such a place.
The last destination of the adventurous boys was the Khunjrab Pass the Pak-China border. it was a different experience to reach the north end of Pakistan and meet Chinese soldiers at the border.
On the way back, they reached Ataabad Lake at night and set up camps there. They had a night full of fun with BBQ and danced around with locals.
Next morning they did boating in the blue and green water of the lake, packed their camps and started a journey back having gathered many excited moments and fond memories.
Everyone was a bit sad to leave behind such majestic places.